Personal Blog Post: My BF’s Favorite Position

We've been on a sexing streak lately. Towards the end of the semester, me and Al usually get so stressed out that our minds just kind of shut down and we end up sitting in our living room staring at the wall. I think last semester, I didn't even have a hard-on for the last two weeks of school. But, Al has been working from home a whole lot more and its given me the opportunity to do what I really love... be all up on that dick. We are going on 7 years now and still give each other the bedroom eyes like its our first month dating. I often read all these articles about how sex reduces stress and how good it is and blah blah blah. But when you are about to submit a 141 page paper, the last thing on your mind is sex. But this time, I decided to step away from my computer and take the matter in hand. Well... in ass technically. Pretty much every other day for the last two weeks Albert and I have been taking out school frustration on each other in the best way possible. Amazing. Sex. And it was during one of these sweaty, pounding sessions that I learned his favorite position. This one: (Pics courtesy of Sean Cody) 04 06 (1) (These pics are not us, just fyi- I found them while trolling Sean Cody's latest update- click here to see that) I have always known that Albert is a leg man. Lucky for him I'm a runner and never miss a leg day at the gym. I posted this pic a while ago, but for those of you who want to see again- here are mine: photo-7-e1383096579882 And, the more we had sex, the easier it was to take him. Its not easy having a super hung boyfriend (yes, I know, poor me), but if we keep this amazing momentum up... So the first time I had my ass hanging over the side of the bed, only a jockstrap on, and he was able to hold my legs back like that, and literally get every inch of it in me, he had this look on his face that said, "Oh my God, I've been waiting seven years for this." It makes sense that holding my legs back like that would really get him going. When we were done, he just looks deep into my eyes, kisses me, and said, "This position. Always."
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