Personal Blog Post: Mountains and Mansions

Its been a frustrating summer for me. After years in school I graduated with high hopes to pursue the career I've been dreaming of. A long summer of waiting on the paperwork needed to pursue a job filled me with anxiety, doubt, and frustration. At long last, when my paperwork arrived a sense of relief washed over me. It seems as though that relief was to be short lived. All the jobs were spoken for. Application after application, online profiles... I can go on and on. Its honestly hard to pick my head up most days. Knowing that there really wasn't anything I could have done differently helps, but still depression is as linked to me as my shadow is. In my heart I know it will work out the way it is supposed to. But sometimes its too much. I want to be a grown up. I want to be able to provide. I was invited to the mountains by my brother and his family, as they know firsthand how my summer has gone. I jumped at the chance, knowing that I'd be alone essentially either way. I got some great time with my nephews and nieces, and got the chance to relax in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia, secluded and literally miles away from anything. I went hiking with my family in the morning, but when it came time for nap-time, I occupied myself in the serene peacefulness that accompanies such wild surroundings. I hiked by myself. I took long drives through mountain roads where I didn't see another car for 2 hours. I sat outside and drank cup after cup after cup of coffee, enjoying the acidic and potent smell of my black Ethiopian and Peruvian coffee mixed with the smell of the surrounding pines, dirt, and constantly hovering mists that is an unmistakable mark of those beautiful mountains. On a side trip, I went to visit the Biltmore Estate and Asheville, North Carolina. Being a history and architecture nerd, this was one place I have always wanted to visit. It did not disappoint. Being totally alone, without my family on this trip, had the effect of 'centering' me; I don't know how else to describe it. I got lost, with some pleasure I might add, as I listened to music and wandered down paths that I did not know the destination of. As I come back to reality, I once again find myself fighting depression and anxiety. I have no idea my destination. But unlike wandering down those beautiful paths through the fields and forests, I have no idea what path I'm even on. My only hope is that I can find ways to enjoy my surroundings as much as I did then. As has become the tradition, I'm posting some photos from my vacation here. Enjoy, and s001 008 017 028 029 034 036 041 051 092 107 112 126 142 144 148 149 151 164 169 193 203 212 219 225 230orry for the lack of nudity 🙂
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17 thoughts on “Personal Blog Post: Mountains and Mansions”

  1. Say goodbye to the anxiety and depression because everything is going to work out for you 🙂

    And beautiful pictures by the way!

    1. I’m trying to think positive. I’m a stubborn bastard so eventually it will work. And thank you very much!

  2. Beautiful pictures mate.

    Hang in there, things will turn around. Try to be patient, difficult as it must be.

    Best wishes.

  3. [noticing you have a great eye for structural compositions]

    Too bad you did not apply for a job at “VERANDA OR ARCHITECTURAL” magazines because your photography skills could support you there! These are my favorite publications – I am a photographer myself and have commented on awesome past image posts that you have shared.

    When it comes to making a happy living – do what you love and the money will appear.

    1. Thanks! And yes, you have mentioned it before. I started looking around and trying to get my stuff out there a little more 🙂 Thanks for the positive feedback!

  4. What part of the mountains were you in? I used to live in North GA pretty much on top of a mountain. One of my favorite sites was when fog would blanket the valleys in the mornings.

    1. Yes! The fog is amazing! I was around the Helen area- in a tiny unincorporated village called ‘Scorpion Hollow’

      1. If you ever get the chance, go to Helen in October, preferably when the leaves are changing. They have a big Oktoberfest celebration basically all month since Helen is modeled after a German villiage. They start it mid September, and it goes through the start of novemver, but you don’t get to see the leaves if you go at the start.

  5. I feel your pain. I got my BA and graduated with Honors last year and spent a year looking for a job and no one wanted to pay me more than $11 an hour, which is ridiculous for someone with a college degree and won’t even come close to covering my bills. — I have spent the last 5 months temping because it was the only thing that paid decently – and now I am hoping that it might turn into something permanent even though it has nothing to do with what I went to school for or anything that I would have wanted to have been doing – but I don’t hate it. I haven’t given up, so you shouldn’t give up either. *hugs*

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