Personal Blog: Post 7- Spitters Are Quitters (Includes a poll!)

Guess what today’s blog post is about? Yeah, it might gross some of you out, but I feel the need to post about it. Why? Take a guess. I thought about it while watching porn the other day, this guy eating the other guy’s cum like it was a half price buffet in a town ravaged by plague. He seriously treated it like it was either his last meal, or his first meal in a year. In that very moment, I stopped thinking about the porn all together and thought, “Man, this guy really LOVES cum.” And that got me wondering- just how many people really enjoy it? That’s what the internet is for, so I turned to google. “Spitting VS. Swallowing” and it brought up quite a few articles. It was easy to tell the ones that were written by girls and the ones written by dicks, er, straight men. The ones written by girls branded anyone who swallowed a slut, including one written by a girl who enjoyed swallowing. The ones written by guys were basically lists of why girls should swallow. In a top ten list “because it will make me love you” was a common theme. So I narrowed by field a bit by adding “gay” to the search term. This one brought up a bunch of forums and the one that caught my eye was titled “Spitters are Quitters”- hence the name of the post. The second post was the following: “After reading forum topics about getting infected with HIV I cannot believe people are posting this topic, but I am no longer surprised by the ignorance of gay men when it comes to safer sex.” The next twenty or so either agreed with that guy or stated something to the effect of “I’m a big boy, I know the risks involved” or my position on the topic: I’m in a committed monogamous relationship, so I can do it if I want. Now, I’m not going to go into the risks involved, because I’m sure everyone knows. Personally, I wouldn’t do it with a guy I wasn’t in a monogamous relationship with. Enough said on that matter. Ok, so back to the good stuff. Naturally, because someone inevitably asked, the nutrition information for semen surfaced. My first reaction was- is this seriously what you are worried about when swallowing? If you think you are getting fat from swallowing cum, you might want to rethink how many dicks you are sucking... Luckily for those who like to swallow, it only contains about 15 calories, but because male ejaculate only contains 1% sperm, the remaining 99% contains all sorts of stuff- including (in a healthy average male) roughly the same amount of Vitamin C as a fucking orange! That really surprised me.

I bet you'll think of this next time you eat an orange.

I visited a few more forums and people seem to be pretty divided on the issue, although it looked to me like gay men, on average, were more for swallowing than straight women. Some just didn’t care, some really loved it, and some were so grossed out by it they won’t even touch it. And into that category falls my boyfriend. He doesn’t mind his own touching him, but if mine gets on him he freaks. One time always makes me laugh when I think of it. It was one of those times when we got home and both just couldn’t wait to rip our clothes off. We ended up just fucking right on the floor of our bedroom. One of my legs was up over his shoulders and when I came…. I really came! It ended up shooting out and hitting his arm. Mid orgasm, I look up at his face and there is this look that I can only describe as pure horror on his face. He is starring at his arm that is now covered with cum, looking like it’s about to sprout fangs and bite him.

Its true... my cum contains werewolves.

  I don’t quite have that aversion to cum like he does. Al gets really turned on by me swallowing, so I do. One of the biggest gripes I hear from guys is that it tastes bad. Luckily, I don’t have this problem. When he starts to cum, I just deep throat it and… problem solved. My apologies to those who have terrible gag reflexes or partners you can’t do this with. Why wouldn’t I? We’ve been together for 5 years, he fucking loves it, and I personally don’t mind it. It actually turns him on so much that sometimes right after he cums and wants me to keep going… and does it again. He’s a talented fellow. For that matter, I guess I can say I am as well 😉 One of the biggest points of discussion in the forums were guys who cum without warning. Yeah, I can see where that would be a problem for people who hate cum. Al is kind enough to tell me (which I actually love), but there have been times with no warning- and all of a sudden…. You know. Which I can imagine would really suck for guys who hate both spitting AND swallowing; guys who belong to the “cum is gross” category. Now, there have been times with Al that I have spit, but honestly, holding it in my mouth while running to the bathroom, or finding something to spit it into, isn’t pleasant. And it majorly ruins the mood. Cum and run. Not hot. (On a side not, the UPS man just came to the door with a package, and I really wanted to ask him, but… that would just make it awkward… he comes to our apartment pretty frequently and I’d hate for him to request a change of route). So- now is your turn to share. Do you spit? Swallow? Not allow it anywhere near your face? I’ve made a poll, just to see with my readers here, but also leave your comments. If you love it- why? Hate it? Let me know. Are you this guy? And was it as delicious as Crème Brule? Because that’s how you made it seem.

All you can eat?

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23 thoughts on “Personal Blog: Post 7- Spitters Are Quitters (Includes a poll!)”

  1. I really love swallowing! But you know, there are times and there are times. Sometimes your body is not prepared for it and you have to spit, or let’s face it, it doesn’t always taste good. Sometimes it’s sweet but sometimes its sour…

    And about touching it, I know that sometimes when it gets cold it can be a little unpleasant, but I love it anyway. I’ve been cummed by three guys at the same time and it was so hot I came without touching!

  2. My bf and I just had this convo the other day. We both decided that cum is only hot in the moment. Sometimes I like to swallow, and usually do, because I am caught up in the moment. In an after thought I’m usually thinking … Did I just do that. But to be honest, I would rather deep throat it and swallow, then have it on me.

  3. i swallow because it’s healthy and i love how it says servings per week about 5 (recommended) hahaha.. do you get your recommended serving of cum? 😛

    1. hungryboy » Yes, the servings per week made me laugh too! I can’t say that I get the recommended servings, but I do alright. lol

    1. Anonymous » Actually someone pointed this out in one of the forums I read. Maybe it was you? lol

  4. Personally When I Was Younger (Jr/Senior In High School) I Said I Would Never Swallow, Well After I Was With My Bf For a Few Months He Asked me And I Eventually Liked it!!! I Personally Just Swallow When I’m In Relationship With Someone For Quite a While Because I’m Not Going to Swallow a Random, No Matter How Horny I Am!!!

  5. The very first time I gave someone a blow job i swallowed and i loved it! I still love swallowing and just like you said, if you deep throat it, you bypass the taste problem!

    Nowadays I’m only willing to swallow the cum of someone I am dating – it’s a sign of caring and almost trust with me. If it’s a random hookup i’m having, that cum can go anywhere he or i would like, just not in my mouth. All over my face, chest, back, ass, whatever……. if we’re not dating, i’m not swallowing.

  6. I would say I would swallow. If it’s a ONS thing, probably not, for health reasons. But, if it’s with someone I’m in a ltr with, I most likely would. I mean it’s just cum. But, again, I think it’s a personal preference thing. I tend to think of it as a jam with yur toast, or not, kind of concept.

    1. TG » Thats an interesting way of looking at it- Jam with your toast. lol. I’m going to think of that everytime I eat breakfast now :-p

  7. I don’t mind swallowing cum. I don’t particularly love it, per se, but in the moment, I’ll do it. I’ll only do it though with people I know and trust and most certainly not with randos. As for getting cumed on, I love. Lol. I think it’s hot getting facialed, or cover in creme. Major turn on for me. Bukkake is my ultimate fantasy. ;D

    1. JonBoy » I agree with everything you said! haha. Facials are hot, but I have a bit of scruff and its a bitch to clean :/

  8. I just gave my ex a blow job a few days ago and i think he actually warned me but i didn’t hear it lol.
    he was so surprised that i was “willing” to swallow, basically cause i’ve never done this before…
    i got really mad when i found out he came in my mouth and i kinda ate it… the smell was alright, i didn’t feel it…
    then we both began to laugh, hahaha

    1. marc » Yeah, sometimes Al doesn’t say anything before he cums and its quite a surprise

  9. I am not a big fan of swallowing, unless it’s with someone I know. Mostly, I’d rather he cum on my body – my chest in particular, anyhow.

    1. Haha, thanks for sharing! The last time someone pointed it at my chest, it ended up in my eye. lol.

  10. I admit that I really don’t like swallowing. I did when I first started hooking up with guys as a teen, but my college friends seemed so against “drinking babies” that I ended up adopting their stance on the issue. The thing that I do think is somewhat gross is cold cum and I can’t understand how guys are willing to lick it up after it has hit another surface and gets cold. I also admit that I don’t get the whole guys who eat their own cum thing. I think I tasted mine once, but I have absolutely no desire to eat my own. I think it is far better for it to be consumed directly at the point of climax, if it is to be consumed. I also have a bit of a “no cum above the neck” preference. I don’t care if it is on my chest or leg or arm, but keep it off my face, please!

    I have one funny story from when I was in college. I met up with this guy, we had a short date and went back to his place and enjoyed some foreplay with each other. He ended up swallowing my load while I was on my back and he was between my legs and then immediately shot his…and he shot it so far it hit me in the eye and even landed over my head, on his pillows and his headboard. He completely freaked out, grabbed his silk pillow and started to bitch at me as if it was my fault he came on his silk bedsheets. He then just left me all messy on the bed, went to the bathroom and started brushing his teeth and rinsing with mouthwash…I remember thinking that it was the absolute most rude thing a person could possibly do. Never saw him again, obviously.

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