Personal Blog: Post 2- The University Bathroom

Most of my life consists of studying. I was in the middle of working on a huge research paper and getting ready for a big presentation on the history of architecture (and I chose that topic! My Nerdiness knows no boundaries). The library at my university is about 5 floors and slightly creepy on the weekends when its mostly devoid of people. It actually reminds me of the opening scenes of Ghostbusters, right before the librarian encounters the CGI, ghost. There is usually maybe one other person in there, busy pounding away on their computer, stress written all over their face, racing their deadline. It’s a time I can turn up my music and not worry about the sound leaking out of my headphones bothering anyone else. Finally, I had to pee. I pack up my computer, throw it in my book bag and head off to the bathroom. I’m standing at the urinal, peeing for what seems like 10 minutes and I see the napkin next to the flush handle. “Cough for head” it read. My stream tapers off a bit and I kind of got the creeps thinking there was someone else in the bathroom, salivating at the sound of someone noticing the napkin. Then my mouth gets really dry. I need to clear my throat… but I can’t. I imagine at the first sound I make, some guy with a hoover mouth attachment will come bursting out of one of the stalls and suck my dick right out of my pants. I’m practically holding my breath. Someone is listening, just waiting for me to make a sound. I put myself away (In these AMAZING Andrew Christian underwear my boyfriend bought me- so glad we both have underwear fetishes), zip up and flush. Ok, now I was sitting at a table close to the bathroom for a good two hours and I didn’t see anyone come in or out of the bathroom. Is it possible that someone has been sitting in here for that long just waiting for a guy to come in? That goes beyond just being horny, that’s fetish territory. I quietly bent down to see if there were any feet… and sure enough there were, in the last stall. Now, I’ve never had anonymous bathroom sex, but it seems like it would be really awkward. A small, tiny really, stall, bent over, trying not to make too much sound? Even getting head seems like it would be a little tricky… the other guys legs would be sticking out of the front of the stall. It would be kind of obvious. If someone walked in, they would instantly know what was going on (either that or they would think someone is throwing up… but university libraries are notorious sex meet ups). This guy seems to have it down pat: Plus, if someone walked in, you’d have to stop… stopping and starting is fun… but stopping because you are afraid of being caught? It’s like I’m masturbating in my bedroom as a teen again. This video for instance… they eventually get there, but… idk… once your mouth is on my dick, I kiiiiiind of want it to stay there. Until I’m done anyway. To be honest, the whole thing freaks me out a bit. What if I coughed, and then wasn’t into the guy? Could I say no thank you? I suppose I could focus on the feeling, but for me, sex is 75% about the guy that I’m with. The interaction is what gets me off. Its why glory holes don’t work for me. I really would have to know who is on the other side. Now, that being said, I do love to jerk off watching glory hole videos, but I just don’t think I could ever actually go to one. Seriously though, guys in glory hole videos usually have amazing sucking skills. Like this guy: Apparently, here in Orlando, there is a house that you can buy a membership to where there are just glory holes all over the place. You go in, do your business and leave. Of course, I wouldn’t get a membership there, because apparently I can get anonymous head in the bathroom between classes. Sooo… for my readers who have experiences glory holes…. Tell me what it’s all about. Let’s share some experiences here :p If glory holes are your thing- check out Ungloryhole here
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17 thoughts on “Personal Blog: Post 2- The University Bathroom”

  1. I go to nc state, and I’ve had a couple guys checking out my stuff in the library bathroom before, but no gloryholes! I’ve never found one haha

    1. Josh » haha, checking out your stuff huh? Maybe I should do a post on you! lol

  2. Well the only thing similar to that that I’ve done has been sucking my boyfriend off, and it was pretty hot. But I suppose it has no merit at all hahaha

    1. Danoperez » I’ve done that before. It was more the anonymous part that I was commenting on. BF sex always has merit. 😉

    1. Nothing. lol. I hate to ruin it, but I don’t know if my bf would appreciate me getting head from a random guy in the library. 😀 Unless he were there to watch. But then 3 people in one stall would just be too much.

  3. Hot story Andy… Never have done the bathroom thing. I do know someone that lives in the same city as me that has a glory hole in his basement and I um… have been there a few times. Very hot guy! I also have met him at a rest stop 2x. That was both hot and kinda scary at the same time, not normally like that to be so risky but I had a case of the hornies bad. lol

  4. UCF? lol I’ve never seen anything at all like that here. Maybe i’m just oblivious. Which in this case isn’t a bad thing, ha.

    1. Andy(it *is* my name haha) » lol, you go to UCF too? Sweet. I had already heard lots about the library bathrooms, but this was my first encounter like that. But I think thats just a University library thing- the big library at FSU had the same reputation.

      1. Yep! I hadn’t heard anything about it, lol. I’ll make sure never to cough in the rest room haha

  5. What would have been even more awkward was if you were totally oblivious to the note and cough on accident. Lol. But yea, I just can’t believe he waited in there forever. Did you ever see him come out?

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