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There I was, no boyfriend around to help with my particular issue. I was out of town (yes, I know I just got back from Morocco, but I'm on the move all the time) and horny. I pulled open my laptop and for some reason went right to Xtube. Normally it isn't the first site I go to when I want to "relieve my stress" because it takes FOREVER to find a good video to jerk off with. And then, a video could be going perfectly sexy and all, when out of nowhere a 500 pound German dominatrix master bursts through the wall.... sorry. I digress. In searching for something good I found this guy with about 50 videos- I had a quick look through a couple before landing on his profile and found he is from Orlando (for those of you who are new to the blog, thats where I live). So now I just haaaaaad to look around more in the videos. The videos didn't quite have the effect you think they might have... instead of turning me on more, they made me BURST OUT LAUGHING. Or, in the texting world, I "LOL'd" This guy had THE FUNNIEST orgasm face I had ever seen. It was like this incredibly intense concentration on getting off... if you had dropped a ten pound weight on your big toe. Oh, that also mixed with the pleasure of getting off. Imagine being on the verge of shooting a load, like to that point of no return, and then getting punched in the stomach. You are still cumming, so you know, that feels amazing- but you also just got hit in the stomach. I moved on to another of my favorite sites and found a video that... well, lets just say I didn't last long and... The next morning, I'm back in Orlando and head to the gym. Halfway through my workout I hear this weird noise that kind of sounded like the grunting sound that tennis players make (we all know that awkward sound) during matches when they hit the ball. I look over to see this guy lifting a ridiculous amount of weight. The look on his face was priceless, this weird look of pleasure/pain. Some of you just figured out where this is going. He turned around and I got a good look at his face. Which is when I realized it was the same guy from xtube. Each time he lifted the impossible weight he had, his face contorted into this look that says, "this fucking hurts but Oh my god I FUCKING LOVE IT!" I'm not sure why he has that look on his face when he cums, but I can understand it when he is lifting weights. I couldn't stop looking though. Each time he lifted all I could think was, "hehe I've seen you nude!" I was there for around an hour and a half, and he was still working on the same muscle group, barely progressing through his workout. It was obviously working for him though... the working AND finding guys to be in the videos with him. About three separate times he stopped to introduce himself to younger guys. I said introduce himself to, but it might be more appropriate to say that he was auditioning them for his next video. Part of me wants to go through all of the videos to see if I know anyone in them, and part of me just wants to save them for when I need a good laugh 😉
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5 thoughts on “Personal Blog: O-Face”

  1. Amazing that you saw the actual guy from the video.

    Looks like he is looking around for talent to audition in videos or get off with in the showers/sauna …

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