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They say if you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Well for three years, I stuck with a job that I was completely miserable at; a job where I actually had to ask for permission to go to the bathroom, where getting any time off was like fitting an elephant in a refrigerator, and where I had absolutely no pride in what the company did- in fact quite the opposite. So, you are probably asking, did I stay for 3 years? Because I got paid a ridiculous amount of money for what I did. I also had the ability to do my homework at work, which is a massive plus. But this past April, I finally decided that I’d had enough and put in my notice. There were pleas for me not to, tentative offers of management positions, ass kissing… etc. I left, and the next day went on vacation for two weeks with Albert. I already had a job lined up for when I returned, as well as a slew of summer courses to “look forward to.” I knew the job I had lined up was going to be a massive pay cut, but I didn’t care. I wanted something with less responsibility, something I enjoyed. I knew the manager and the entire crew of the coffee shop up the street so my first day was easy and relaxed; everything your first day of a new job is not. I fit it immediately and even looked the part, having the stereotypical barista glasses and all. It was so nice having a job where I could interact with people- chat and get to know new people.

No joke, these are my real glasses. I was destined to be a barista.

The one aspect of the job that sucks? I make half of what I did before. Literally… I make half as much an hour at my new job than at my old one. It makes it completely worth it though, to go to work and not hate life. To see people who appreciate that you know their name, make small talk, know their drink by heart when you see them. I love my job. I haven’t said that since I was an actor at Universal a few years ago and it feels fucking amazing to say it. Sure, I’ve had to curb my budget a bit but to have a job you enjoy going to? Its worth eating out less. Everything about my life has just been so much better since- my relationship, sex life, academic life… I even have my creativity back. A friend who stopped in to visit me at work put it best- we had a little chat and as he left he said, “you know, I’ve gotta say- the smile is a nice change.” I didn’t realize just how miserable I had become because of my old job. Being a barista is the perfect job for me while finishing up school. It isn’t a job I see myself having forever, but it’s a nice change of pace… even if I do go home smelling of espresso. When you don’t dread going to work, its amazing how much better life is.  
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17 thoughts on “Personal Blog: Life Is Great Again”

  1. Congratulations Andy:
    I always told my younger siblings not to make the mistake of taking a job that they hate. Life is too damn short – WORK AT SOMETHING YOU LOVE (or at least have fun doing it, money is not that important when you’re humming a happy tune)

  2. That’s great! I’m really happy for ya, girl! 🙂
    Going through the same thing, quitting my shit job at a warehouse for hopefully a part time job somewhere I can focus on school.

    1. Indeed! Well, if this is the best post, and it doesn’t get any better, I’ll just scrap that one I was going to post with all those naked pics and sex videos of me and Al!

      1. well, isn’t it your ‘duty’ as blogger to bring us quality posts, making sure they get better and better? and i’m sure your intimate stuff is far better than this one 😉

  3. Congratulations man!

    I’m really happy for you, you took a risk with that decision you made, but what really counts is your happiness. I hope everything keeps going so great for you 🙂

    PS: I was a “popcorn guy” for almost a year and I came back home everyday smelling of used corn oil, and I can assure you it’s much worse than smelling of espresso LOL

    1. Thanks man! I’m sure it’ll continue to be awesome, even if I have a shitty day now and then. And I can see where popcorn and oil would be 100 times worse!

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