Personal Blog: I Heart Potty Humor

After a long day of class and work, I needed a good laugh. The kind of laugh that just comes deep from your belly and is so uncontrollable that you inevitably snort, or make some sort of sound that makes your friends laugh even harder. I had the intention of getting home and trying to get some homework done so I could actually relax on my day off. That didn't exactly work. I logged onto my computer and got a bit distracted by facebook. Huge surprise there. Then... I read a post that I've been laughing about every time I've listened to music since. Here it is: Now, if you only listened to classical music, I can imagine where it really wouldn't be all that entertaining. "Symphony number nine... in my ass" isn't really all that funny. "Nocturne in B major... in my ass" Nah. But let me tell you some of the songs that I just happened to have on a CD that played on the way home from work before I read that. "The Greatest", "Scream", and "Yellow Submarine." Albert and I, who I shared this gem with, laughed for probably 30 minutes at least. It may be immature, but sometimes, its the kind of laugh that you really need. Fast forward... the next morning I wake up extra early to head to the gym. I started laughing when the rest of "The Greatest" played after turning on my car. "The greatest... in my ass." Then I turned on the radio and laughed so hard I almost couldn't work out. Guess the song... "I'm Glad you Came..." I'll let you add the rest. Now you give it a try... post your fun responses in the comments below.
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19 thoughts on “Personal Blog: I Heart Potty Humor”

  1. Fuck, the last album I just heard was Sigur Rós, so it isn’t funny AT ALL. “Flögur píanó in my ass”? NO

  2. Discussed this with my employees today and the best we could come up with besides “Glad You Came” was…

    “Rolling in the Deep”… in my ass. 😛

  3. teeheeheeheehee … “Call Me Maybe”…in my ass

    “Turn up the Music”…in my ass

    “We Found Love”…in my ass

    …this is rich lmao

  4. “Nobody Else But You” in my ass
    “Miss You Like Crazy” in my ass
    “Paradise is Here” in my ass
    “Try Me Again” in my ass

    Probably dating myself here…LOL…but these were the last four songs on a random playlist from my Ipod….Bette Midler, Natalie Cole, Tina Turner and Linda Ronstadt

    1. Lol, I wouldn’t consider it dating yourself… think of it is appreciation of the greats 😉 I love some Natalie Cole and Tina Turner.

      gg33021 »

  5. I Can’t Get No Satisfaction…in my ass!
    Wind Beneath My Wings…in my ass!
    I Will Always Love You…in my ass!

  6. omg Ahahah!

    Black Sheep ~ eww

    Runaway ~ fun

    I like you so much better when your naked ~ “prolly the only legitimate one in the group lol”

    ahhh shitty day at work, really enjoyed and needed this dude thanks!

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