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So, I have this kind of odd conflicting feeling on gloryholes. I've actually written about it before (on one of my first personal blog posts, read it here). On one hand, I love getting off to gloryhole videos. On the other hand, I would have a really hard time actually visiting one. It doesn't matter which side I'm on either. If I'm getting sucked off, I'd much prefer to look at someone's face as they go down on me. There are few things I enjoy as much as a nice mouth on my dick, with the guy concentrating; suddenly, he looks up and our eyes meet. The look of pleasure on my face lets him know how much I'm enjoying. The look on his face lets me know I'm enjoying his tongue. On the giving end, I love watching a guy as I'm sucking him. That is, unless my nose is buried in his pubes, because then honestly I can't look up. But, the problem with gloryholes is.... you can't really see the other side. I'm honestly not sure if I could ever actually do it. I like to know who's dick I'm on. And adversely, I like to know who is on my dick. Anyway, I got thinking about it this morning becasue I saw this pic: 43410_11 This is from Cody Cummings website (click to see the post and other pics... its a pretty hot scene). After I was finished furiously beating off about a Cody Cummings gloryhole fantasy, I had a serious inner dialogue with my practical side. And I finally came to the conclusion that, the only way I could actually go through with a glory hole is if me and Albert arranged it, where I was sucking his dick... and vice versa. I couldn't do it anonymously, either side. Call me unadventurous. But I like to know who is attached to the dick/mouth I'm enjoying. What about you? Take a poll! [polldaddy poll=7361175] Related Site: Unglory Hole
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3 thoughts on “Personal Blog: Gloryhole”

  1. When the other person comes out from behind the stall and is no longer anonymous, it’s no longer a true glory hole experience. It’s all about anonymity.

  2. I’m with you… I’ve enjoyed MANY gloryhole videos. I find it hot, When my boyfriend and I were in Europe on vacation we came across a bathhouse and decided to check out what it was like it ‘Real Life’. There was a gloryhole area, but I couldn’t do it. We did find a private area with gloryholes and tried it with each other. It was okay… but as you said. I like to watch the face… and be watched. I’ll continue to find the video fantasy hot though…. 🙂

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