Personal Blog: Finally- Some Relief!

Things should start getting much better for me. The past 5 weeks have been crazy, hectic, stressful and maddening. I you read my previous post about how friggin busy I've been, you are aware of all that has been going on in my life. Quite possibly, the biggest source of stress for me was a major exam I had to take for my degree field. This exam was kind of a make it or break it deal- if I failed, it was going to push back my graduation date at least a semester, if not a year (because of the absolutely shitty fact of having internships that I need ONLY in the spring). Yesterday was my big test. I spent Friday night in a hotel near the test site to get some peace and quiet and some secluded study time. Of course, this test (which I had to pay almost 200 dollars to take) had to be taken at a facility run by a major education company. I get there at the ass crack of dawn, because you have to show up half an hour before the test starts for "administrative reasons." A few old ladies open the door and start barking orders at me- it was higher security than an airport. I thought I was going to be subjected to a pat down or strip search honestly. I had to bring two forms of identification, they video taped me saying my full name and the name of the test that I was taking and showed me to my seat, after making me turn out my pockets to show I had nothing in them. As I could possibly cheat with someone monitoring us all. I take the four hour exam and walk out of the door. My blood sugar was low, I had a headache, I was so nervous about getting my results- I thought I was going to pass out. The old lady who needs customer service training hands me my results and belongings and I walk out of the door. Without looking at the results, I get into my car, turn it on and open the folder. All four sections of the test: Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass. I literally started to tear up. The feeling of stress melting away and complete joy flooding my entire body was too much. I seriously cannot remember the last time I felt so happy. I still have a lot to do before the semester is over this week, I can breathe easy. And starting next weekend? I'm going to be a complete lazy ass- just for a couple days.

A lazy ass indeed.

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19 thoughts on “Personal Blog: Finally- Some Relief!”

  1. Jolly well done , you , I applaud and admire the way you find time to study – and – still find time to produce this entertaining and amusing website . Congrats. bigbertie

    1. Thanks, I really appreciate it. Just as long as everyone knows that if the blog has been slacking lately, there is good reason. lol.

  2. Congratz! Those tests are not fun and I am glad you did well! You deserve the time off to relax and enjoy the hard work you have done!

    1. Thanks! I plan on taking plenty of time off. Wish I had a mountain getaway ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. After Albert was away a few days, it certainly uhhh… “got addressed” hehe

    1. Haha. I took that pic last week for Albert when he was away a few nights… but I thought I’d post it ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. Danoperez ยป lol Maybe someday when I’m feeling brave. Or… I’ll just throw up a pic in suggestive underwear. We’ll see ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Congratulations on the pass, pass, pass, pass buddy. You worked hard for it. And lucky to get the results on the spot as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Man you have a beautiful ass, just sayin’ ๐Ÿ™‚

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