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Tomorrow is it. For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook... you are probably sick and tired of hearing about it. Feel free to completely skip today's post. I'll wait while you click on another page.     Ok, now that those fuckers are gone... I'll tell you. Tomorrow, me and Albert are on our way to Morocco to see my best friend who is living there for a year. If I was any more excited, I would probably pass out. For the next two weeks I'm going to dork out of all sorts of incredible and amazingly nerdy historic sites, eat amazing food, drink ALL of Morocco's supply of 'The A la Menthe', and be a true fly on the wall in a country who's language I don't speak. Riding camels in the Sahara, perusing the spice markets, passing out from heat exhaustion, haggling over prices... I plan on doing it all. I feel like a little kid the night before Christmas again, not being able to sleep and just wishing for tomorrow to arrive already. But here is the kicker- it takes a day to get there (turns out its not a hot spot to travel via Orlando), so really I should be dreading tomorrow. 20 hours of airports and flights? Fuck you, transatlanic routes! But regardless, I'm simply bubbling with excitement.... actually here is a good visual. Ok, so imagine that I am a dick. Not meaning that I'm a complete jerk, but an actual penis. This is how excited I am for this trip: So you get the picture. Now that I've said all that... I just need to cover one tiny little detail. I'm going to have a rough time connecting to the internet and posting. So... be patient for the next couple of weeks or so, and check back often. You never know when I'll actually get the chance to post something! But for now... I'M GOING TO MOROCCO! FUCK YES!
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5 thoughts on “Personal Blog: And We’re Off!”

  1. I’ve been there too and loved it. You’ll have lots of French / Arab cuisine, see many women with henna amber-red tattoos on their hands and feet and the young men are very beautiful.

    P.S. This is very important – put your money, credit cards or travelers checks in your socks. I’m not kidding their are “pickpocketers”, sorry to say.

    Have lots of fun!

  2. I’m completely jealous of all the historical sites you’ll see! Have an amazing trip, love of fun, and be safe!

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