Overlooked from Spartacus…

I had this in my bookmarks for quite some time, but as you can imagine, by bookmarks get terribly disorganized and overcrowded with ALL the porn I'm forced to look at 😉 I totally meant to upload these images earlier... but better late than never! Click here to see all my posts on spartacus, where the hot hot hot men seem to spend more time with their clothes off than on. This, is James Wells. Besides being muscular and hung, he reminds me of some of the Titan Men models... which just gives me all sorts of awesome butt fucking fantasies! Follow that link to see what I meant 😉 james-wells-spartacus-01 james-wells-spartacus-11 james-wells-spartacus-21 james-wells-spartacus-31 james-wells-spartacus-41 james-wells-spartacus-51
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3 thoughts on “Overlooked from Spartacus…”

  1. I don’t think his was the prosthetic…the one that had the extra large cock that was then castrated is the one who wore a fake dick…this guy’s looks pretty real. It’s a shame Andy Whitfield, may he RIP, didn’t opt to do full nudity. I loved Manu being naked all the time, but was surprised that he seems cut, I didn’t think it was a common practice in New Zealand.

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