I thought this was kind of interesting- Gallop conducted a poll recently in each state to figure out a relative percentage of openly out GLBT people state by state. The phone poll asked "Do you, personally, identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender?" The state with the highest percentage was actually not a state at all- it was Washington DC. But second place went to Hawaii, with last place going to Montana. Where does your state fit? Despite what you feel about phone based polling, I though it was worthy of a quick post. And I posted some random hot nude guy below the results, because I had to put porn SOMEWHERE in this Source: Queerty x8sgmuwqwkmsuvmushhexg adam-coussins-02 Larsstephen6819-L
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2 thoughts on “Outted!”

    1. I was surprised by quite a bit on the list. But I personally think phone polls are getting more and more outdated- I read somewhere they only call home phones and not cell phones.

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