Its so cheesy, I can't stand it. I can't promise it'll be the last ridiculous headline, but I'll lay off it for the rest of the week. Sound good enough? Ok. Now to the business. A while back, pictures of oscar winner Jamie Foxx's semi stiff statue appeared online. I kicked myself for not saving the pic then, and sure enough, he confirmed it was him and had them taken down. I figured they would surface again and I would just snatch em up and bring em to you that haven't seen them. So without further delay: The other thing this pic makes me think is, "Out of all the celebrity nude pics I've seen with them having taken the photo themselves in their bathroom, I can deduce one thing: celebrities never have clean bathrooms." I remember reading the story as something like this: He was beefing up for a role in a movie and wanted to check his progress, so he took a pic of himself in his Miami hotel bathroom. Riiiight. Then someone managed to check his phone hoping there would be nude pics of it? Unlikely. My guess? He was tryin' to impress someone and whoever that person was, leaked it to the media. Not that he has anything to be embarrassed about. It looks nice from this angle!
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