Oh no!

Alright, so a quick update for the Porn Star Saturday videos that are not working. unfortunately since my site does not actually host the videos the sites in which the videos come from can have lots of issues. In this case, the site where I got most of the videos from, gayforit.com, has yet again done something to their videos to where other sites like The Male Star Blog cannot post their videos anymore. I really wish there was something I could do about it, but there unfortunately is not. I will keep trying to place the videos randomly throughout the week and see if they start working. This happened this past summer and I lost all of the videos and after a couple of weeks gayforit changed their site to allow the videos to be embedded on other sites again. I will of course keep you updated and replace the videos as soon as I'm able to. Porn Star Saturdays will still continue as I've recently found other sites that allow hosting of videos. So, sorry for the inconvenience... hang tight and I'll fix them as soon as they are able to be fixed/replaced. Thanks for understanding 😀
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