Ode to Eric Balfour’s ass

A few days ago Eric Balfour tweeted a pic of his ripped short on the beach with his ass hanging out. I absolutely wanted to post it, but wanted to gather some other pics of his gorgeous butt 🙂 Eric is best known for his Television appearances, which includes the shows Haven, 24, The OC, and Six Feet Under. His film credits include the recent Skyline and the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Now: behold that ass! Here are some other pics of it 🙂 (his cheeks are the middle ones in this one, btw) This obviously isn't of his ass, but its a great pic of him!
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10 thoughts on “Ode to Eric Balfour’s ass”

    1. Yeah!! I love Mike Roberts! A “Porn Star Saturday” on him would be awesome. Pleaseeee… BTW that is one hot ass that Eric has!

  1. Hi Al…check out the blog ‘Favorite Rips of the Week’ and click on Eric’s name..The dude is nekkid and HOT..i love his ASS. Cheers

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