Nude Shemar Moore

Alright, some of you know him from Criminal Minds, some of you know him from The Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Some of you don't know him at all, which is a shame, and if any of you know him at all in the bedroom- don't be stingy and introduce us. Thanks. I'm not so sure how I've never seen these before, but I discovered them yesterday. I've heard from some sources that it was a gay beach that he was at, and then others that it wasn't. Either way, I don't care. Gay or not, he is gorgeous. I'm sure that it was a nude beach... and thats all that really matters Here he is on Ellen... Click on them to make them full size!
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7 thoughts on “Nude Shemar Moore”

  1. Hot! Among the most beautiful men of color in Hollywood today. He is also noted for The Young & The Restless as well as the Soul Train host.

  2. He is honestly one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen. I watch Criminal Minds SOLELY for him. Ha ha ha.

  3. i am amazed hed alow any photos of him swmi hard bet hes a grower not a shower, Id like to be a bottom boy for him anyday

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