New Sponsors And A Big Thanks!

I've posted before about new sponsors and you guys have always supported them, and as a direct result, me and Albert. Thank you for that! You are allowing us to truly grow our business into something amazing, and we've come up with big plans for the future. You can really look forward to some fantastic new stuff coming your way in the next few months! Our relationship with our sponsors allow us to bring amazing savings on sites and products right to you and we were able to work out a deal with the fantastic people at Fleshjack and are happy to pass the savings right along to you. Our readers now get 25% off for a limited time. It time to save gentlemen! You are busy buying gifts for everyone else, why not treat yourself? Both Albert and I use our fleshjack and love it. We have the one that looks like Brent Everett's ass. I use it when Al isn't around, but we've also used it together and had a ... ugh... blast... doing it. They have the "normal" fleshjacks, of course, but also have ones that were modeled after the mouths and asses of some of the biggest porn stars today. They also have silicone dildos that have been carefully modeled after their counterparts too- so if you've always wanted Samuel O'Tool to pound you hard... make it happen! This is just a few of the porn stars they've worked with, click on each to view the goods 😉 Brent Everett (wouldn't that be amazing if you could get those famous Brent Everett cumshots with his dildo?!?) 5 Austin Wilde 2 A WHOLE PAGE of Bel Ami boys jean-daniel-chagall Brent Corrigan 2 (1) Cody Cummings 2 (2) Marcus Mojo 4 (1) Samuel O'Toole 4 and thats just to name a few. They also have a wide range of awesome lubes. So, give their website a browse and see all the amazing toys and products they have. We are both very proud to have them as sponsors, seeing as we are loyal and very satisfied customers.
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