My New Favorite Brent Everett Pic…

Seriously. How could this picture NOT turn you on? Its like Viagra for me. I mean, Brent in general... hot body, awesome cumshots, goofy smile... If you need a review, visit his Porn Star Saturday post. But anyway, here is the pic that has got me all hot and bothered today: lRLkc7R Oh- and guys in gym shorts. Not sure why that one is a turn on. But... it definitely is. Click Here to visit Brent's website with awesome materials in the members area
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2 thoughts on “My New Favorite Brent Everett Pic…”

  1. (I know why you like this)

    Looks just like your boyfriend’s bulge picture – only Albert is bigger!

    1. (oh . . . gym shorts are like candy wrappers, there’s always something sweet inside you wanna suck on)

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