More Sportsmen Coming Out!

Like the Velvet Revolution, it seems to me that a tide is turning in popular culture. Being openly gay is well on its way to be accepted- though I acknowledge there will be areas and cultures that will never do so. Last week we saw an NBA player coming out (Read about that here), a major step forward that perhaps overshadows all the other sportsmen that are out and living the open life. Today I read that Olympic swimmer, and major hottie (but honestly when do Olympic swimmer and major hottie not accompany each other?)Amini Fonua has come out. He is currently a senior at Texas A&M University (noted for its ultra conservative values) and unfortunately will not be competing in Rio 2016. I really like what Amini had to say about being gay, and its certainly something that I identify with. He said that being gay is a "...part of who I am, but not everything that I am.” You know what else he is? Damn sexy. Here is a pic, but don't let it distract from the momentous occasion 🙂 Amini-Fonua-360x240 Read the whole story here at Queerty And check out more hotties at
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