“More Like Double O Nine and a Half”

Ok, I totally ripped the headline from the Eddie Murphy movie "I Spy" but it may not be far off. I feel like I must get a little personal here and explain that I'm a complete James Bond freak. I have all the books, all the movies, a few poster, some playing cards and random crap. When I heard Daniel Craig was taking over the role my first reacting was, "I'm sorry, who?" And then Casino Royale came out. As a Bond fan I was ecstatic with the movie- as a 'man fan' I was ecstatic with this scene: I really could watch him come up out of that crystal blue water all day. Judi Dench said she walked into his trailer as he was getting dressed and is quoted as saying something to the effect of "Its a monster." There are supposedly pics of it out on the net and I'm trying pretty hard to find them. I'll post em' as soon as I'm done with em' I've found them. In the mean time- here are some more pics of the English stud:
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