Model Mondays: Uriel del Toro

Uriel was born in Mexico City, Mexico in 1978 and started modeling at the age of 18. Thank you god! 🙂 I love classic muscle cars... and hot muscle guys, so really this photo is one of the best things ever. Uriel is the drummer in a band, hosts an a TV show called 'Visiting', where he follows around aspiring artists, is a fashion model and has been in a movie. Thanks for setting the bar that high at the age of 31. He also has a girlfriend, so boo to that. Unfortunately for my friend who suggested him, I wasn't able to find the alleged nude photos, besides this one which is so OBVIOUSLY photoshopped. But I'll keep an eye out and bring em' to you after I'm done with them 😉 All hot an bothered? Check out Its Gonna Hurt here for a little x-rated fun.
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