Model Mondays: Tyrone Nell

Thanks a million to my friend Jon for finding this one for me! Tyrone is from South Africa, but really got interested in modeling and the entertainment industry when he was in London for his schooling. According to his website, "Tyrone has worked with some of the biggest international and local brands including FHM, L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf, Edgars, Bonewear Underwear, Wonder Jock, Corrupt Underwear and FTV to name but a few and has also worked alongside some of the country’s top designers and photographers." It also says in his bio that he is against woman and child abuse... One would hope. Enjoy! Want more guys like Tyrone? Related Site: TimTales- Click here
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7 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Tyrone Nell”

  1. Hey I’m just dirty – love the fragrance of a real blonde’s balls – they have that certain bouquet of a fine wine, like a Pino Grigio and a small slice of Brie!

    1. Jon » I had to read it a few times on his website. It definitely was lost in translation a bit :p

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