Model Mondays: Tyler Bachtel

I found this guy under the tag "guys who look hot in underwear." It immediately attracted me because I love guys, hottness, and especially underwear. And oh boy, did he not disappoint. He fills them out nicely, doesn't he 😉 The 26 year old currently lives in Los Angeles, is represented by a major modeling firm in New York, and in his spare time is a personal trainer. I really liked that last part. I never really thought of personal training as a hobby, but I guess if thats how you get a body like this, than so be it: Tyler has his own website you can check out HERE and there is even a link to his blog, but it hasn't been updated since late 2009. There is actually some cool information on fitness there if you want to check it out. What attracts me to Tyler, besides that body is his eyes mainly. I mean that gaze is enough to stop you in your tracks- And to me, and I may be the only one who feels this way, he has almost a James Dean quality to him. A I alone on that one?
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3 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Tyler Bachtel”

  1. Wow! I’d never seen the last two photos of him before…hot! The last one is definitely my fav! I have a thing for hips, and his are gorgeous!

    Thanka for posting!

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