Model Mondays: Tom Cullins

Sorry about the really late update today. As you may have noticed the past few days, Albert and I are having some big issues with our server- specifically our websites going down all... the... time. We think we've fixed the problem however (although we've thought that several time and then...). So I didn't get a chance to update before I had to go into work. THEN, as soon as I got home I ran 6.5 miles. THEN, I opened the refrigerator and realized all I had was milk. Literally. So... after a trip to the grocery store (after a cold shower to cool down) where I thought I was going to pass out from being so hungry, I find myself here. I also find myself aroused by these pictures by the incredible Tom Cullins. Not sure who the models are, but who gives a fuck. They are hot. AND... there are some nice bulges here. So enjoy 🙂 Related Site: Out in Public tom-cullis-timoteo-0 tom-cullis-timoteo-1 tom-cullis-timoteo-2 tom-cullis-timoteo-3 tom-cullis-timoteo-4 tom-cullis-timoteo-5
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