Model Mondays: Todd Sanfield

I cannot even handle how hot Todd Sanfield is. Seriously. I officially bestow this honor upon Mr. Sanfield- The Most Posted Model on Model Monday. This post today makes.... #4. Whats special about the 1st post? Click here to see not only Todd's incredible ass, but also what happens when Todd wears white underwear and gets wet. What about the second post? MESH.... UNDERWEAR.... click here for that. How could it possibly get better? Remember that amazing Todd Sanfield ass? Yeah, how could you forget... but this time its in the air. ugh. Click here for that. So, on top of all that hotness, I present these photos for your viewing pleasure. My favorite? The first one. Not only do you get a view of that INCREDIBLE bulge, the light casts shadows on those abs like its Bryce Canyon. And that smile just seems so natural... Just like the boner in my pants. Totally... natural...


todd-sanfield-4 todd-sanfield-0 todd-sanfield-1 todd-sanfield-2 todd-sanfield-3 todd-sanfield-5 1006_sextraveler1_v4_300x250
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