Model Mondays: Todd Sanfield

I know I've done a couple of posts on Todd before (look here and here), but ugh... he is too damn sexy. To put it bluntly, these pics totally give me a hard on. As someone commented on one of the other posts... "dat ass!" I am in total agreement. Enjoy. Images by Rick Day
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7 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Todd Sanfield”

  1. EVERYBODY HATES RICK DAY… OMG… I couldn’t take the second picture… I would put my … on him before. BELIEVE ME.

  2. A str8 male friend asked me if there was really a big difference between a guys ass and a girls (why he would ask this is another question)….. after these pics I am inclined to say HELL YEAH!!! :).

  3. hey you should publish pictures of this new brazilian model…he is the new IT boy in Brasil. his name is Rodrigo Braga.

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