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  1. he looks like he would be one of the best whores you could ever afford with cash and worldly possessions… whoever owns this man… please… please, take care of him… cause damn he looks like he should be locked up for being so damn fine. Don’t make no damn sense….

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  7. Per olly! …avete presente quando si era svegliato il vulcano in Islanda? Ecco, poco prima che succedesse avevo un bruttissimo presentimento, sapevo che doveva accadere qualcosa di tragico.Se è tragica l'eruzione di un vulcano che non ha fatto né morti né feriti vuol dire che non hai mai sentito parlare del maremoto del 2004.

  8. Eh bien oui, je viens de voir le dictionnaire étant dépassée, puisque la communication et la langue évolue en permanence les définitions des mots et des titres sera modifié.

  9. Oh, really enjoyed hearing Bea sing! I love that – when you discover something previously unknown and not what you might have imagined about a performer. just great.Knew Edith would be awesome though 😉

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