Model Mondays: Steven Chevrin

Happy New Year to all my loyal readers- and those who've stumbled upon my corner of the internet! I'll be doing my special New Year Post soon, most likely tomorrow as I return to Orlando (Albert and I decided to skip town and have a quiet, peaceful New Years sex fest, er... quiet New Years). But for now, enjoy Steven in his underweared glory... steven-chevrin-tetu-magazine-0 steven-chevrin-tetu-magazine-1 steven-chevrin-tetu-magazine-2 steven-chevrin-tetu-magazine-3 steven-chevrin-tetu-magazine-4 steven-chevrin-tetu-magazine-5 steven-chevrin-tetu-magazine-6 steven-chevrin-tetu-magazine-7 Want more men like Steven? Click here to visit
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One thought on “Model Mondays: Steven Chevrin”

  1. Hotty ! aaaw that dick… 😀
    thanks honey 🙂 and happy new year to you and your boyfriend 😉 hope you two have a very lovely and good year together

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