Model Mondays: Stefano Foster

Today for Model Mondays we have European Model Stefano Foster: Ratty old underwear has never looked so good 😉 What attracted me to this guy is, admittedly, how good he looked in these underwear: Why, you ask? I have the same pair. Its my new motivation picture 🙂 Anyway, Stefano is from London and is around 30 years old. I couldn't find any major credits to his name, but you've gotta have some balls (hehe) to even give underwear modeling a try- once my photography skills are up to par, you bet your ass I'm getting into this market! And my absolute favorite picture of Stefano... Some of the comments on this photo included "Stunning look!" "Strong eyes! "Stunning gaze" and of course the ubiquitous "HAWT" Actually, most of the comments read more like real estate listings-Stunning sun deck! Strong curb appeal!- which interestingly enough, describes Stefano as well.
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One thought on “Model Mondays: Stefano Foster”

  1. Stefano Foster is a strikingly handsome guy with a beautiful well-prportioned, muscular, smooth body that looks breathtaking in this underwear!

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