Model Mondays: Something Different

So, there had been a lot going on today (you'll read about it in my personal blog post later this week), and I've been a bit too distracted to really go on the hunt for models, but I found this collection of hairy/bearded/all around hot guys on homotrophy shot by photographer Valero Rioja for Chongo Magazine. Enjoy!

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valero-rioja-for-chongo-magazine-1 valero-rioja-for-chongo-magazine-2 valero-rioja-for-chongo-magazine-3 valero-rioja-for-chongo-magazine-4 valero-rioja-for-chongo-magazine-5 valero-rioja-for-chongo-magazine-6 valero-rioja-for-chongo-magazine-7 valero-rioja-for-chongo-magazine-8 valero-rioja-for-chongo-magazine-9 valero-rioja-for-chongo-magazine-a More hot men!
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