Model Mondays: Shawn Harriri –UPDATED 11/30–

So, I have to admit, I know nothing about this guy but I thought he was so ridiculously hot I just had to post him 🙂 I'm going to be really frank about this image- it makes me really really horny. Al- you better prepare yourself when you get home from work tonight 😉 Happy Monday! So... I did find out some info on this guy thanks to the ID from Todd. His name is Shawn and he is a Randy Blue model and if I wasn't at Starbucks right now I'd upload all I just found on him. But I don't have my headphones with me and those kinds of noises don't come from the expresso machines 😉 Need some porn? How about Haze Him? Yay! Shawn jerking off!!! The hot cumshot is definitely worth the cheesy music 🙂 Hot pictures!
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11 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Shawn Harriri –UPDATED 11/30–”

  1. Le veo muy ficticio dando por culo. Yo creo que sus gestos y sus reaciones serian más excitantes sí fuera él, quién tuviera una buena polla dentro.

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