Model Mondays: Samuel

Nothing like getting your week started with a gorgeous stud in swimwear. Well... I mean, it would be better if said gorgeous stud was just plain nude, but whatevs. I'll take what I can get :-p   As a bonus, midway through, there is a fun gif... just for you 😉

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moises-by-adrian-c-martin-0 moises-by-adrian-c-martin-1 moises-by-adrian-c-martin-2 moises-by-adrian-c-martin-3

Like this: Guys in Sweatpants

The post continues below this gif- just thought you might like to see Austin Wilde giving a facial from GIS Austincum

moises-by-adrian-c-martin-4 moises-by-adrian-c-martin-5 moises-by-adrian-c-martin-6 moises-by-adrian-c-martin-7 moises-by-adrian-c-martin-8
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