Model Mondays Request: Rusty Joiner.

One the blog readers suggested I post Rusty Joiner for Model Mondays. Well, really they suggested I actually make a Model Mondays post- I've been slacking on that one lately. Sorry about that 🙁 But as requested, I'm bringing you this amazing hotness: Rusty was born in 1972 in Alabama and raised in Atanta where he gained the attention of all sorts of people by being... well... not to be superficial but... fucking gorgeous. he'd graced the cover of Vanity Fair, Cosmo, Rolling Stone, Men's Health... etc. Rusty has also been seen in the movies Dodgeball and Resident Evil: Extinction. Also... a Taco Bell commercial, which seems a bit hypocritical. Do you really think he eats there?
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5 thoughts on “Model Mondays Request: Rusty Joiner.”

  1. Thank you Jesus!! Hallelujah!!! 😀 He is soo hott in Ru Paul’s “Looking Good Feeling Gorgeous” video, he plays the plastic surgeon. Ugh Thank you so much for posting this!! 😀
    He’s become my recent obsession. 🙂 It’s fun turning on your computer and having ASS naked Rusty on your desktop. lol

  2. To me he seems obtainable. It’s almost like he has that neighbor next door vibration, even though the neighborhood is in San Francisco. lol Like I would want to ask him out on a date. Most models seem, like you said, superficial. Rusty, Lets get married!!! 😀

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