Model Mondays Request: Derek Allen Watson

In a little excerpt I read about him, it said that all his life (which is a bit dramatic considering he is 21 years old) he's been told he could never be a model because he is too skinny. Apparently he's showed 'them.' This is straight from Derek's facebook profile, and I liked it so much I just decided to post it. I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday. my name is derek allen watson. and i promise you that I will change the world. the essentials to get to know me: i love to dance. especially in as little clothes as possible. i drink tons of water, I choose SmartWater cause I feel smarter. i see the good in everyone. which makes me alot of the time, very naive. i only wear skinny jeans. and shirts that show my chest hair. (or lack of really) i moved alone to NYC on August 11th, to start a new life. its been the hardest thing I have ever done. but i'm learning so much about myself. i will do anything for my friends or family. i will literally kick your ass if you f**k with them. i cry alot. i'm scared of ending up alone. but even more scared that i will settle for the wrong person. i dont drink alot, but when i do, i like martinis. i enjoy making fun of others. i make homeless people smile if they want me to give them money. i sleep on an airmattress(that has a hole in it) on the floor. every 4 hours, i have to blow it up. but i make it work. it keeps me active. i drink about 10 glasses of juice a day. i love KFC. legit... i get it twice a week. i love making new friends. everyone has a different story. if my modeling/acting career fails, im screwed. because i dont have a backup plan. so this has to work. (and it will.)
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5 thoughts on “Model Mondays Request: Derek Allen Watson”

    1. aside from the fact that he is gorgeous,
      he really looks like a nice guy indeed.
      he had me at ” i may not…” ;))

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