Model Mondays: Phillip Fusco

Simply gorgeous. Don't believe me? Just see for yourself: Water + semi-see through underwear + muscles + smoldering eyes = me wondering where my lube is. Phillip is 21, lives in New York and can pretty much be seen all over the place. He did a series of adverts for 2(x)ist that just makes me M-E-L-T!! If you want a little insight into Phillip's world, you can visit his personal blog by clicking here! Lucky for you, he's don't some full frontal photography. Doubly lucky for you... I have them. Related Site: Check out Men of Hollywood Exposed by clicking here!
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3 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Phillip Fusco”

  1. Yeah, huge dicks are nice and all, but they’re not a requirement for a guy to be totally hot. Great example right here. Plus, he’s got a very nice looking dick. I mean look at it, it’s perfect! I just wanna kiss it…and lick it, and suck it, and stroke it, and…

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