Model Mondays: Parker Hurley

At the suggestion of a reader, I looked into super sexy Parker Hurley. I wish I would have known about him sooner! This 23 year old stud is really trying to set himself apart in the male modeling world where, in his own words, "so many successful models look the same..." One thing that really sets this guy apart is his tatoos- he does have the sexiest back tatoo I've ever seen... not to mention a very nice ass 😉 How important are his tattoos? "firstly let me state how important my tattoos are to me.... ive had a few run-ins with people getting similar designs or flat out taking mine completely... they are all designed by me, so please, please, PLEASE!, come up with your own concepts, as all tattoos should mean a great deal to you... i have turquoise bands on my ankles and wrists. 5 small birds going up my left side. a very busy half-sleeve on my right arm. and turquoise circles running along the length of my spine. they are pretty though, i did them myself and they are all extremely important to me. i think tattoos and piercings can be great assets to a model, if they are done properly. would love to work with photographers who agree." I'd definitely work with those tattoos! 😉
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2 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Parker Hurley”

  1. Stunning tattoos(and body); not usually my thing but are very well done and truly body art. I would be pissed at copycats too, in his shoes, lol.

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