Model Mondays: Ngo Tien Doan

So, I'm not sure if I've ever posted an Asian model for Model Mondays before. I've been doing it now for like a year and a half, which is a shit load of Mondays and models, so... I'm not 100%. Anyway, this hottie is exciting. If you recognize him, its probably from him winning "Mister International 2008". If you don't recognize him, its ok because I couldn't tell you any of the "Mr. Internationals." Regardless, commence the sexiness!
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7 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Ngo Tien Doan”

  1. FYI: he’s not Thai, he’s vietnamese, from what I know, he’s also a teacher. I just wonder how his students reaction is going to be when they see those sexy pics…lolz

  2. @johnc

    Thanks for clarifying, still doesn’t change the fact that I want him to go! lol! Oh wow, those students are lucky! If I were one of his students, I will just picture him naked (and fail the class for being distracted).

  3. neu cho la than hinh dep (toi cung cong nhan than hinh tuyet dep va guong mat dep thi tai sao khong coi het luon di , nhu vay co le se tuyet voi . chu nhin sex 90% thi cung hoi buc ) da dam choi thi cu choi toi luon . Toi ung ho Tien Doan

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