Model Mondays: Nature Man

Nature Man or Alpha Dangler... I'm not sure which is correct. All his profile on Model Mayhem says is: "I am Alpha Dangler from the volcanic Emerald Island of (Aliouagana) Irish/African/Amerindian Desent" Obviously a man of few words. Thats ok though- Like I said- its all good. Not much talking necessary 😉 The things that attracted me to this guy was his complexion, and the stoic expression on his face. I know that may be an odd thing to say, but for some reason it really intrigues me on this guy. He can be serious without having that ridiculous 'I'm a serious male model' face thing going. You know what I'm talking about. The other things that attracted me to him are pretty freakin obvious Alpha, or Nature, whichever... resides in Brooklyn and is 29 years old.
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