Model Mondays: Mountainous

tumblr_mm9cgd49s01rqqzgio1_500 I'm on vacation this week up in the Mountains of North Georgia. I have an incredible view and a pretty sweet cabin (not exactly roughing it, I'll admit, but anything to get away from my summer of frustration). I cannot imagine anyone I would rather spend my mountain vacation with besides Colby Keller (My boyfriend would be my number one choice obviously). So... thats who I'm posting for this mountain man edition of Model Mondays. Its probably the lumberjack-esque beared Colby is sporting now that brought this on. Or just the fact that he is fucking hot, intelligent, a decent guy, and all that. And you might be asking yourself- what constitutes a "mounatin man?" Well, for this morning's sake, we are going to say its someone with a beard. If thats not your definition, just get over it 😀 So first, Colby, and then after that, some Colby videos from, and then som random hot mountain man pics I found. Enjoy! colby-eats tumblr_mkygy9RcLG1qcyr5wo1_1280 Colby-Keller-by-Kelly-Grider Colby Keller_7714931718_o Colby Keller_7714931386_o cocky-boys-colby-keller-tops-max-ryder-master 370af8c6c69a601f435c76ff42ac17c0

Enjoy some Colby Keller vids from Men.Com!

tumblr_n2yuywMND71qbwmg0o1_500 tumblr_n2ju9qBNqf1rywz5po1_500 tumblr_n0n8ow0K5E1rotzkwo1_1280 tumblr_mzzm21moBG1r1sld8o1_500
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