Model Mondays: Maxwell Zagorski

Maxwell was born in Florida in 1988- eventually he found himself in New York City, strutting his stuff. Before long Abercrombie and Fitch picked him up, and his abs were plastered all over the place. His smoldering stare were placed all over their advertisements, selling clothes- even though their ads never actually have clothes in them. Which... well, its fine because Maxwell is hot :-p DMzyFAE pic17 Parke & Ronen Spring 2012 Collection tumblr_m6v8oaoEM21qiovyio1_500 tumblr_m8ro0mAF371qarksao1_500 tumblr_mbes2eQWYP1qd9433o1_500 tumblr_mf6yjnNvgL1rk8c1lo1_500 There is still time to get special deals for Titan Men! Just for TMSB and TBB readers 😉
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