Model Mondays: Matus

You may actually recognize Matus. The 28 year old Slovakian is a very successful and prominent international model. He has doubled stars for movie posters... or rather, doubled for stars when the movie poster needs a body like his, has been an extra in quite a few things and been on numerous fitness magazine covers. I can't imagine why: Oh right. Thats why. On his model mayhem page, he has a bunch of notes from various photographers that he has worked with- one of them had this to say, "OK! FIRST OF ALL. THANKS FOR BEING SO AMAZING ON SET TODAY! AND THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME RUB BABY OIL ALL OVER YOUR BODY! YOU ARE TRULY A PLEASURE TO WORK WITH! AND NOT 2 BAD ON THE EYES! I THINK YOU WERE THE PERFECT MEAT IN MY SANDWITCH! LOL, J.M. " Yeah, he can be the meat in my sandwich anyday.
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