Model Mondays: Marc Buckner

I was awoken this morning to the sound of my friend in Canada messaging me. The events might be somewhat dramatized, however, he told me that his very life depended on me posting images of Marc. A bit of a drama queen, my Canadian. However, I detected that there was a sense of urgency in his writing that told me that finding images of this hot, furry chested model, meant life or death. Remembering that a serious blast of arctic air was making it's way down from that country, it all suddenly became clear to me. I understood that the freezing temperatures meant he had to masturbate furiously for warmth, and was relying upon the following pictures to keep up stamina. So, my friends, if you find yourself in a similar position, look no further than the images below, and for propriety's sake, wank for warmth! note: if you are in Australia, there is no need for this.


184448030 184448030-2 184448030-4 tumblr_myu53sqBzj1qeecryo1_500 tumblr_mxf5iaEhlK1qljy0mo8_500 tumblr_mwu253bQNZ1rp3itho1_500 marc-b-1 denim3

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