Model Mondays: Leonardo

Is it just me... or do underwear models do more to turn me on than porn stars? There is just something about a nice pair of underwear with a hot bulge that really drives me crazy. You should see my boyfriend's underwear drawer. There is probably a few hundred dollars worth of sexy ass underwear in it. My main reason for posting Leonardo today is the following image: leonardo-coverboy-2 I mean seriously. Its hard to have my computer on my lap while doing this post I'm so hard. I think its the teasing aspect of it... you can see it, but not really. Damnit, how am I supposed to go to school like this? leonardo-coverboy-0 leonardo-coverboy-1 leonardo-coverboy-3 leonardo-coverboy-5 Related Site: Randy Blue Suggestion? Just wanna say hi? Contact me! Email me at Kik me at tmsblog
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