Model Mondays: Leighton Stultz

The site We Love Nudes once said about Leighton that he has "the face of a supermodel, the body of a bodybuilder and the cock of a porn star." That pretty much sums him up. The 25 year old Leighton has recently appeared on Fox Reality's "Seducing Cindy" where he competes to win the "love" of the internet's most downloaded woman, Cindy Margolis. Originally from Savannah, GA, he currently lives in Baltimore, MD and has appeared in numerous publications as well as Playgirl (which is were the nude pics are from). Besides the pics below (which include one more nudie ;)) you can check out his modelmayhem profile here. On a side note, pics of Leighton seem to get pulled from sites fairly quickly and easily- so you might want to check em' out before they are gone.
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5 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Leighton Stultz”

    1. Será un cuerpo de Michelangelo, pero la verga es de un burro… Ya quisiera el David tener la mitad de algo así.

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