13 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Kaylan Morgan”

    1. Erik ยป Thanks for pointing that out ๐Ÿ˜› Guess I wasn’t paying attention too much. In my defense, they were both shot by Rick Day, and they are both hot. Thats a valid defense right?

  1. Very hot, but what is the deal with guys writing their names on their chests? He is about the 1,000th I’ve seen do it recently. Not a problem -it’s a beautiful chest – but just askin’

  2. None of those photos are of christopher fawcett, all of those are Kaylan…Similar sized package but Completely different faces. once again the third picture IS NOT Christopher fawcett. Chris fawcett is a nice try but he’s just a grade down from this gentleman.

    1. (there was a picture of Christopher there in the beginning – when it was first posted, but it was taken down, that is why you don’t see one)

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