Model Mondays: Johnny Castle

So I have to admit his name makes him sound like a fictional action hero. But he has the physique to match: Johnny describes himself on his ModelMayhem profile as 'the classic jock.' 30 years old and standing at 6 feet with 188 pounds of lean muscle, Johnny certain fits the description. Born in Miami, this stud currently lives in Los Angeles. Johnny's website isn't up and running anymore, and the last picture I can find of him was dated in 2009. Johnny, if by slim chance you read this blog... get back into it please. And take lots more pictures like this- The interesting thing to me is, this guy looks really familiar and I can't put my finger on if I've seen him before or if he just has one of those faces. Its actually driving me nuts. I guess I'll have to focus on everything but his face. Good thing there are pictures like this:
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5 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Johnny Castle”

  1. He also does porn. Just throw his name is xtube or rockettube search and you will get some hot videos of him jerking off.

  2. he was also one of the original models for the fleshjack sub-brand of fleshlight. there are/were videos of him there as well.

  3. This delicious stud has done a lot of porn…and I wish I was on the receiving end of every single one of his porn flicks! Just to name a few other than the ones mentioned above, he jerked off in two Guys Gone Wild videos (same scene though): Bad to the Bone and Pool Party, also j/o in Hot House Backroom Exclusive Video vol. 3 and for Corbin Fisher (as Antonio). He’s also done lots of straight porn, my favorie is Barely Legal #69. Yeah…I <3 porn!

  4. Johnny started off in a “Guys Gone Wild” video and has made his way around the world of porn since then.

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