Model Mondays: Ivan

I was definitely in the mood for some muscled up man meat this morning, and when I came across this images of Ivan, they did not disappoint. Those abs are insane. That chest is better than a pillow. Enjoy. Happy Monday indeed. ivan-by-andres-ramirez-0 ivan-by-andres-ramirez-1 ivan-by-andres-ramirez-2 ivan-by-andres-ramirez-3 ivan-by-andres-ramirez-4 ivan-by-andres-ramirez-5 ivan-by-andres-ramirez-6 ivan-by-andres-ramirez-7 ivan-by-andres-ramirez-8 More man meat can be found at Sean Cody- still one of my favorite porn sites!
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