Model Mondays: Hugh Plummer

Standing at 6'3" weight in at 188 pounds, I give you the 26 year old Hugh Plummer: Yum. Hugh has quite a few modeling credits to his name including different underwear ads, DNA magazine and Thorntons Chocolates. I know right? Like someone with this body indulges in chocolate On the side, Hugh is a personal trainer (I'm sensing a pattern here) and enjoys nutrition and fitness. Obviously. The thing I like about Hugh is his tall dark and handsome look. Very intense eyes- that sorta thing gets me going. I also like that he does nude photos (on his profile though, he mentions he'll only work with certain photographers doing nudes and he has to be sure he'll know where the photos will end up- like the male star blog;) )
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7 thoughts on “Model Mondays: Hugh Plummer”

  1. Love the shape of his penis… so beautiful! Also the guy o’course! 😀
    But I fell in love of his lovely dick!

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