Model Mondays: Holden Nowell

Holden blew up the internet last year after appearing in the music video "Call me maybe"- This sexy Canadian (have you ever realized how many gorgeous men come from Canada? Seriously, its frightening how many there are...) has appeared in some pretty big campaigns. Hope to see him more in the future! holden-nowell-photos-09262009-17-435x580 n5005bc26dca9d pic05 pic06 pic07 pic12 tumblr_m0d3fhYzHK1qmw9ato1_250 tumblr_m0d3fhYzHK1qmw9ato2_250 tumblr_m0d3fhYzHK1qmw9ato4_250 Want to see more like Holden? Join College Dudes for only $1!
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