Model Mondays: He’s got something for you ;)

I hope you are all having, have, or had, depending on where in the world you live and what time you read this, a fantastic Valentines Day. My day here in Florida is just starting and I can't wait to share a special evening with Al. I bought him special underwear for tonight, although he'll be lucky if its on him for more than 10 minutes. Speaking of things I love. Brazilians + Underwear. Here is Raphael Silva, and he's got a special treat for you- This will be me tonight as I prepare for Al after work, just... not as hot. Haha. Then of course, me after dinner, grabbing my ankles. I will have taken my shoes off by then, however. If you need more guys to fantasize about, check below. I've been doing Model Mondays for nearly a year now, so you've got plenty to work with 😉 Happy Valentines Day everyone 😀
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5 thoughts on “Model Mondays: He’s got something for you ;)”

  1. When are you and Al gonna finally give us a treat and post a sex tape of you two? I think that would be an awesome gift for us who have been following your sites for so long.

    1. Haha. Well, Al already posted a video of himself on his site, you’ll never know what will show up I suppose 😀

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